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Super Storytelling! 03.01.17

Super Storytelling!

We have had a wonderful first day back at school today with our topic capture, storyteller Chris Connaughton. He told the children the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children were keen to join in with him and were mesmerised by his storytelling, it was lovely to watch their faces as the watched and listened to him. Chris talked to us about using lots of different describing words to make our stories interesting. He set us the task to change the traditional story of The Gingerbread Man into our own version. With lots of discussion we decided to create a story set in a zoo! The zoo keeper and his wife made a 'gingerbread snail' which escaped from their oven and met lots of different wild animals, including a cheeky monkey at the end who ate him! We made a story map of our story and practised telling it throughout the day. We then told our new story to the rest of the school and Chris. We had a fun day and learnt lots! Giant Class are now excited for their new topic 'Down in the Woods.'

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