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Our Rainforest Cafe 19.5.15

On Tuesday Trendle opened a Rainforest Cafe as their learning exposure. We made fairy cakes and cornflake crispie cakes to give to our guests. We also provided water and a banana, mango and grapefruit smoothie. We used our Fairtrade ingrdients that we bought from Tesco last week , in our baking.


As you can see from the pictures we set up the classroom as a cafe with tablecloths and flowers on the table. We also provided menus and some Rainforest and Fairtrade fact sheets for people to peruse whilst they enjoyed the food.


The children acted as the waiters and waitresses and once parents had eaten they looked at the learning we have achieved this half term. The experience also involved a trip to our Peace garden where we planted our sunflowers. Everyone enjoyed the food and drink which added to the whole experience of our learning exposure.



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