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Dinosaur Egg! 6.3.20

Dinosaur Egg! 6.3.20


On Monday morning we noticed something very exciting! When we came back after playtime we found a large egg that had been discovered in the playing field!! Someone from the village had been walking their dog when they came across it!! They brought it into school for us to look after! We had lots of different ideas about what could be was much bigger than a chicken egg... most children thought it could be a dinosaur egg!! We decided we needed to look after it and keep it safe as eggs are very fragile! We noticed a tiny hole so thought it might even start to hatch soon! We were worried about the mummy of the egg and thought we should try and find out why it was left on it's own. The excitement of the arrival of our egg inspired us to write signs, draw pictures and read more about dinosaurs during busy time!


During the week we watched our egg closely...we began to notice cracks forming!! We read lots of different facts about what happens to the babies inside the eggs when they are growing. We also read that when baby dinosaurs hatch, they need to be kept fed. On Thursday we had a big surprise!! A small head and neck was poking out the top of the cracked egg!! We were so excited!! We decided we needed to find some juicy leaves for our baby dinosaur to eat...we think it might be a Brachiosaurus! We have been taking very good care of our baby dinosaur, welcoming him into our classroom!


Next week is Science week! We will be learning about the impacts of waste and thinking about how we can Reduce Reuse and Recycle; helping to look after our Earth. We might also be taking part in some dinosaur themed science experiments!!


Have a great weekend!


Miss Stephens & Mrs Tite





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