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2015 is a very important year. This was the year that the World Leaders promised all children would be in school and they are not!!!!


We spent the afternoon learning about children from different countries who are not able to go to school. We found out about why this is the case. We then wrote to our MP's and expressed our concern that this had not happened. We wrote suggestions of things that we would  do if we were leading the country such as building more schools, training more teachers and giving more resources to countries that need it.


In June some children from our school will go to London to deliver our letters to The Houses of Parliament. This situation is not fair to the children who are not in school and we want to make a difference!!!!


You will see from the pictures that we also painted some pictures of schools and children and we made some cut out teachers. We thought about what makes a good teacher and wrote our ideas down onto their bodies.

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