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Book Week! 20.04.18

Book Week!

Wow what a week we have had! 

On Monday we had Chris Connaughton a storyteller, author and actor visit us and share some wonderful stories with us. The children loved him - they were completely absorbed in his storytelling and the stories enthused them to write great descriptions of Rumplestiltskin. 


On Tuesday we had a whole school writing capture using the story of The Three Little Pigs, to learn it using talk for writing actions and a story map, re-telling the story and then adapting it after hearing the story of The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig! The children loved twisting the traditional story and we had some great writing throughout the school. Giant Class were definitely influenced by learning with the older children in the school which is great! 


On Wednesday we had our dressing up day! Thank you to everyone for all the effort you made with the children's costumes - they were fabulous! The children loved being a different character and we did various activities throughout the day for them to learn more about their characters, and others characters. We had a go at 'hot seating' where we asked the character themselves questions and the children had to answer as if they were really the character! We also had a bell which rang throughout the day and when it rang we all had to stop whatever we were doing and read for 5 minutes! 


On Thursday we learnt how to write a book review and we all read and reviewed Little Red Riding Hood as this was selected by the class through a vote. 


Today the fun continued, we started the day with some cosy reading time as the children had all brought blankets and books into school. The children loved this! We also decorated some biscuits to have at our little farewell party for Poppy. Then, after some spelling practise we had some fun with a music lesson. We tried something new today by using musical instruments to add sound effects to the story we all know very well now - The Three Little Pigs. It was brilliant! We will have to do this again during our topic. 


We have had a wonderful week! 

Mrs Cain 

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