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Carnival!! 10.06.14

Our final week of learning about 'Carnival!' has been action-packed. We spent time completing our African art work and then moved on to the Caribbean. The children shared stories about Anansi the spider and then acted them out. They then made a fact sheet about the Caribbean and created a picture montage of creatures indigenous to this part of the world.
However, the highlight of the week was our Learning Exposure afternoon. This began with a whole-school Carnival Parade around the village with the children wearing the headdresses, masks and garlands that they had created during their topic learning, and also playing and shaking the instruments that they had made. It certainly made a colourful and lively spectacle and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Back at school, we continued the experience in the classrooms, with Trendle providing a Samba dance experience where they performed a simple Samba dance that they had learned and then invited Mums, Dads and other visitors to join in with them. It's not as easy as it looks! Thank you to Mrs Price for helping us with this. Afterwards,with the help of Miss Nottley, the children also showed some of the power points that they have starting creating about a favourite country and  showed their art work.
The final part of the entertainment was the Parents v Staff football match (perhaps not quite up to World Cup standards). This was a hard-fought battle, with the sides surprisingly evenly-matched, resulting in a final score of 1 - 1. Luckily, there was no need for penalties! I suspect there were a few sore muscles and bruises the next morning. The staff are now in training for the Euros re-match in two years' time.

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