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More Fun with Space! 21.1.16

More Fun with Space!


We have had a fun filled week of space learning again this week! We have been finishing off our rocket models, adding with aliens and moon rocks, drawing pictures of rockets on the computer, writing facts for our class information book on Space and lots more!


We have also enjoyed the excitement of having ice in our outdoor area, Giant Class had lots of fun exploring the ice in the mud kitchen and asked some great questions about it, as well as telling us what they knew about ice.


In Phonics we have been learning lots of new sounds - oo, oo, ar and or. We have been busy reading and writing words and captions with these sounds in too.


In Maths this week we have been learning how to add two groups of objects together. I wonder if Giant Class could teach their families at home how to add using our Success Steps?! Perhaps you could add how many vegetables you will be having altogether at home for dinner? Or could you add together how many pets you have? 


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