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Visits and Visitors! 25.09.14

We have had such an exciting week in Giant Class this week!

On Monday we had a wonderful morning at Lucy’s farm. Lucy’s Daddy taught us all about Harvest and showed us around his farm. We saw all of the machines they use to plant the seeds and to harvest the crops. The children loved the visit and all got involved; they climbed in corn and beans, they went in a tractor and they tasted some yummy biscuits made from the ingredients planted on the farm.
On Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from Molly’s Daddy who is a radiologist. The children had lots of questions about their bones on their Marvellous Me topic web so we got all of those questions answered! Molly’s Daddy bought in some x-rays of bones for us to look at as well as showing us some replica bones of our bodies and teaching us a great song and dance! We videoed the dance so will show you at our Learning Exposure!
A huge thank you to both Dads for helping us to learn!

This week has been so exciting at school as we have learnt our first letter sounds in our phonics lessons and have started our Maths lessons. Giant Class have been so confident and have been trying their very best. Well done Giants!

Giant Class were very happy to take their first books home yesterday, please try to read these books with your child. Most of the books your child will come home with won’t have words at the moment; please look at the pictures in these books with your child and see if you can make up some stories from the pictures.

We have been busy learning our Harvest song for the Harvest Festival next week. We hope to see lots of you at the church next Tuesday at 9.30.

Miss Cook

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