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Reading Fun!!! 25.09.14

This week, in the Trendle class, we have been consolidating our Reading Fun session and we thought that you might like to hear about it.
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning we start the day with ‘Reading Fun’. This is a time when we love to practise our reading skills.
One group enjoys a Guided Reading session with Mrs Dalgleish or Mrs Edwards. This is where we learn how to apply the different reading skills that we need. Another group reads their home reading book with an adult in the classroom. It is good to share our home reading and to be able to discuss the books we read and give our opinions on them.
The third group has a creative story writing stimulus and then writes a story based on this. We are learning what a good story needs. This week we had to choose a famous teddy from the teddy box and write about an adventure they had. We have to make sure that our beginning is interesting to hook our reader in.
Finally we have a handwriting group. We are learning cursive handwriting at the moment which is challenging but fun. We need to be able to write clearly and neatly so that other people can read our writing.
Have a look at the pictures that we took of our Reading Fun session on Thursday.

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