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Learning Capture - Space Explorer Dome! 12.01.16

Learning Capture – Space Explorer Dome!

We had a wonderful trip to Winterbourne Valley First School on Tuesday. We began the day on the minibus which Giant Class loved! When we arrived we had a snack and a play in the playground before going into the explorer dome. The explorer dome was wonderful – the children loved the fact it was pitch black and all the resources were fun and exciting for them. We learnt lots about The International Space Station, the planets, the moon and the sun. Giant class experienced seeing lots of different images projected inside the dome and saw some great videos of astronauts and songs about the planets.

It really did ‘capture’ them and we hope they shared their experience with you at home!

For the rest of the day we enjoyed a special ‘Space Lunch’ which was prepared for us by our usual lunch providers at Athelhampton house – my goodness they did an amazing job! The children loved it!

We then had another play outside before having some ‘Choosing Time’ with our new friends at Winterbourne Valley School.

It was a very busy, tiring day but worth it for all the learning we managed to fit in! Giant Class were all of our values, especially courteous, caring and co-operative today. Well done Giant Class!


Miss Cook

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