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Celebrating Children's Rights Week, Apple Day AND Portland Castle Trip!!!!

Yes we really have fitted all of these activities in this week!!!!!
The week started with a trip to Portland Castle as our 'exposure' to our Knights and Castles topic next term. We dressed up as princesses and knights and pretended that we were spies looking around the castle trying to find places that the enemy might try to get into the castle. We had to be very sercretive and quiet so that no one would realise what we were doing.
We also learnt about games Tudor children used to play and herbs that were used to help cure illnesses in Tudor times.
This week we have also had a 'Celebrating Children's Rights' week. Everyday we have looked at a different right that children have from The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We have also learnt about the responsibilities that work alongside them.
We also had a lady visit from a charity called 'School in a Bag' and we are going to raise money, by giving up something that we don't really need for a week
Here are some pictures of us completing fun Children's Rights and Responsibilies activities.
Here we are writing about our right to a shelter (our homes) and our responsibility to keep our bedroom's tidy. We also looked at bedrooms of children around the world.
This picture shows us making our favourite meal on a paper plate. It reminded us of our right to nutritious food and our responsibility to not eat too many sweets and chocolate.

And finally..........................

We were very lucky to be able to celebrate Apple Day on 21st October by having a storyteller and artist visit our school. They are part of an initiative called 'Seasonal Schools' which looks at the different seasons through fun activites across the whole of the curriculum for children. The day started with an assembly to introduce the day....
..........and then each class was able to take their learning outside to learn more about Autumn.

Here we are listening to Autumn sounds, looking at the signs of Autumn and feeling and smelling Autumn.....
It was fun when two children pretended to be minibeasts that lived under the Autumn leaves......
When we came back inside we used the leaves we had collected and copied them to make a print with. What do you think?
We finished the day with an Autumn gathering and sang songs about our learning and heard more Autumn apple stories which we helped to act out.
What a fun day!!!
...and now we are well and truly ready for a rest next week during half term.

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