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Celebrating Bonfire night 9.11.18

Celebrating Bonfire night! 9.11.18


Giant class have been busy this week celebrating Bonfire night. Everyone was very excited to share their own experiences of watching fireworks over the weekend with their families. We created firework safety posters together, thinking carefully about how everyone can stay safe when watching fireworks and when around fire. We also painted firework pictures, using a balloon to print different colours adding glitter to make them sparkle like real fireworks. We played some different percussion instruments to make firework sounds, crashing and crackling and popping. We thought carefully about the different sounds fireworks make, writing them on bubbles and putting up in the classroom! We thought of some fantastic firework sound words!

Today we went out for a welly walk on a shape hunt! We were very quick to spot different shapes on the houses, cars and road. We also looked for shapes in the river!


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