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Finding your way as an explorer 21.06.13

This week we have had lots of fun giving directions and using compasses to plan routes around the school. We often have visitors to the school, and we have also welcomed several new children, so we thought it would be useful to plan a tour that would take people to the important and special areas that they might like to see. We have also written directions to help people get from the classroom to places such as the Office, the other classrooms and the playground.

Continuing our theme of routes and directions, we have also been creating some Jungle Explorer maps featuring landmarks such as a Slithering Snakepit and some Quivering Quicksand. Next week we will be using these maps to write a Jungle Explorer's diary extract.

Focusing on our rainforest theme, the children have been researching Rainforest facts using the Internet and producing their own fact-files. They have also been researching rainforest animals and they are now making detailed drawings to add to our Rainforest display.

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