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Incy Wincy Spider! 22.11.19

Incy wincy spider! 22.11.19


This week we have been singing the nursery rhyme, ‘Incy wincy spider’. We have been researching and finding out more about spiders. We have been learning about their habitats, where they like to live and what they like to eat. We also learnt that spiders have 2 segments in their body. They also have 8 legs and 8 eyes (but not very good eyesight!).  We have been keeping our eyes peeled for spiders living in our outdoor area and in the playground. We have been looking closely but think maybe the spiders have been too chilly outside and have found somewhere warmer to hide. We were hoping to see some real spiders webs and look closely at the different patterns. Maybe this is something you can look out for at home this weekend!


As part of our spider learning we have been making our own junk model spiders and glittery spiders webs. We used toilet roll tubes, cutting lots of slits and folding them back to make legs. We had to count the legs and check there were 8! We then painted our spider model black and added googly eyes. When they were dry we added string and hung them up on our big class spiders web!


On Thursday afternoon we ventured out on our soggiest welly walk yet! We were hunting for more signs of Autumn and noticing what has changed around us. There were lots more leaves on the ground than our last walk. When we looked up at the trees we noticed most of them had lost all of their leaves completely! Some comments were the trees look 'empty' and 'wintery'. We had fun swishing through the leaves with our wellies, kicking up the leaves as we walked. When we were walking along the river we stopped and stood quietly, listening for the sounds of the raindrops. We also spotted the way the raindrops were making ripples in the water of the river; they made splashes and circle patterns. We followed the footpath up to the woods, splashing in some small puddles as we went! We noticed the path was much muddier than before; the rain was making it even muddier! When we got to the gate at the top we could see the row of beech trees that still had some leaves, they were bright golden and orange! We played in the leaves, throwing them in the air and dancing! It was lots of fun! We then walked back to school and had our marble treat! We had voted to watch number blocks and have some tasty marshmallow treats! We sat in the cosy classroom and enjoyed our class treat!


We hope you have a super weekend! We are looking forward to our Pizza Express trip next week! 


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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