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Rights Respecting Week - 20.10.14

This week we have had our ‘Rights Respecting Week’. We have been thinking about the rights (needs) all children have and have been comparing our rights (needs) to our wants. This has been rather interesting! On Monday, we compared our bedrooms to those of other children’s around the world. We looked at what we need and what our rights are and then compared these to what we had that we wanted and loved in our bedrooms. The children asked great questions and we talked about which bedrooms we would like to live in and which ones we would not. Giant Class went on to draw their bedrooms which they did very carefully and confidently. In the afternoon we discussed our right to shelter further and went up to the Peace Graden for our Welly Walk to make shelters for our small world people. Giant Class made some wonderful shelters and also enjoyed seeing lots of beautiful ladybirds as they were everywhere on Monday! Giant Class showed care and concern for the ladybirds and made sure they had nice homes too.
On Tuesday we talked about the right to healthy food. This coincided with our ‘Apple Day’ as well. For ‘Apple Day’ we had lots of visitors to help us learn about apples and autumn and celebrate and value this special time of year. We had the opportunity to listen to some wonderful stories by a fantastic storyteller, learn some fun songs and do some art work with leaves by a wonderful local artist. We also got the chance to be filmed doing some of our activities and some of us had some ‘interviews’ about our learning that day. Giant Class loved all of the activities and we thank all of our visitors from the Seasonal Schools initiative.
We had a visit from the charity ‘School in a Bag’ on Wednesday. They are a local charity whose mission is to ensure that as many children in the world have access to education as possible. Every child has the right to an education as we have learnt this week in our rights week.  As a school we will be doing some fundraising to support this fantastic charity. For every £15 we raise the children get to make up a rucksack filled with all the things a child needs to go to school and learn. Once we have packed our bags up we then find out which country our bags are going to and are given the number of the bags. When our bags reach their destination the children will be sent a photo of the children who have received their bag so they get to be a part of the whole process of improving someone’s education. We do hope you will support us in our fundraising for this great cause. 
The children did their own drawings of what they thought a child would need to learn.
We will be continuing our learning on our rights and our responsibilities which come with these rights over the next two days.
On Wednesday we had a brilliant ‘Learning Exposure’. Thank you to all the parents/grandparents who could make it. I was very impressed listening to Giant Class talking about their learning. It is wonderful to see how they have progressed over their first half term and to see them proud of what they have achieved. Well done Giants! I hope everyone has a wonderful rest over the half term holiday and that we all come back refreshed and ready for another busy half term of learning!

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