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Safety & Careers Week! 25.10.19

Safety & Careers Week! 25.10.19


This week we have been learning about all the different people who help us and finding out more about their jobs. On Monday we had a visit from Doctor Goodall (Barney's dad!). He wore his work uniform and came to talk to us about what his job is like as a doctor. He talked about the people he helps, especially the people who are poorly and need to have operations. He brought along lots of different tools that help him to do his job. First he showed us a stethoscope, showing us how to use it and what it helps him to listen for. We had a turn, placing the pieces in our ears and listening for our own and our friend’s heart beats. We had to be patient but some of us could hear the 'dun dun' sound of a heart beating. We also had a turn with the oxygen masks, which help people who are not breathing very well. We passed the different objects around the circle, looking carefully and having a turn at using them and exploring what they do. We were able to ask lots of questions about what it's like to be a doctor! We ended up with a class full of aspiring nurses and doctors! 


On Tuesday morning we had a visit from two road safety officers, Neil and Emma. They talked to us about the importance of keeping safe near roads and how we can stay safe when we are walking on the pavement or crossing the road. They taught us some special words and actions to help us stay safe when we're crossing the road. First was STOP. We have to stop moving while we're still on the pavement...not stepping on the road until it's safe. Then LOOK. We have to use our eyes to check for cars, buses, other vehicles or people. Then LISTEN. We also have to listen for cars/vehicles that might be further away or moving fast. And then THINK, is it safe? We should only cross the road if it is definitely safe and we are with a grown up. Super listening, everyone! We really enjoyed meeting Neil and Emma and had lots of ideas about how we can keep safe near the road. 


On Wednesday we had a special visit from Camille, who works for Wessex FM! She talked to us about her job at the radio station and told us about the special room the presenters sit in when they are live on the radio. She said that when the voices are live everyone has to be really quiet!! They call it being ‘on air’! We played a game of musical statues, freezing like a statue when the ‘on air’ sign was held up! After the game we split into groups and used different instruments to create our own jingle, pretending we had our own radio station ‘Cerne Abbas FM’! Each group had their turn to play the instruments; we had to make sure the other groups were really quiet when it wasn’t their turn. Camille recorded our jingle, at first our instruments playing then everyone saying ‘Cerne Abbas FM’ like the Wessex FM jingle!! It was lots of fun! 

Thank you very much to all our visitors this week! It was great to meet lots of different people, find out more about their different jobs and learn about how we can stay safe. 


Also a huge thank you to everyone who donated baked goods and came to buy goodies at our cake sale on Wednesday! It was a very successful evening and raised a fantastic £142.50, which will be put towards a play kitchen for the classroom and a tough tray/stand for our outside area. Thank you so much for all your generosity and support! 

We hope you have a fantastic half term! Rest up! We will see you all for more fun and learning on Tuesday 5thNovember! Next term our topic will be Nursery Rhymes! 


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite


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