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Hickory Dickory Dock! 15.11.19

Hickory dickory dock! 15.11.19



This week we have been singing the nursery rhyme, 'Hickory dickory dock'. We have been listening carefully for the rhyming words and thinking of some other words that rhyme too! We have been having fun thinking of real/nonsense rhyming words for our own names and for things in the classroom. We also played a rhyming bingo game with pictures. We are getting very good at hearing the rhyming words!


In keeping with our rhyme of the week ‘Hickory dickory dock’ we made our own mouse and clock out of card. We cut around a small mouse outline, using the scissors to make small snips in the paper. We added some detail and coloured in the face on the mouse and the clock. We then cut a tail for the mouse out of string! We stuck the tail to the mouse and to the bottom of the clock and used our mouse to sing along to the rhyme! 


On our Welly walk this week we went on an autumn scavenger hunt! We worked with a partner, ticking off the autumn objects as we found them! We noticed lots of seasonal changes, especially how chilly it is now! We needed our warm coats, hats and gloves to keep toasty! 


We have now sent home a list of nursery rhymes to start practising in preparation for our nursery rhyme challenge in December! We already know lots of them but will be learning and practising any new ones at school. Happy rhyming! 


We hope you have a super weekend- keep warm!!

Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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