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Dangerous Dinosaurs! 27.02.14

We have all had a wonderful first week back at school. Every one is well–rested and have been fantastic learners! We all loved visiting the Dinosaur Museum on Tuesday. There was so much to see and explore! We saw large dinosaurs, bones, fossils, eggs, footprints. Giant Class were very excited and asked lots of great questions and wanted to find out as much as they could. There were some lovely interactive activities for the children to explore and learn; they especially loved one room which they called the ‘playroom’! We also got to go to a dinosaur ‘cinema’ where we watched a film clip about an Allosorus – the children especially liked the fact it ate meat and blood!
This capture has been reflected in our learning in the classroom, we have had some wonderful paintings, models and writing all about dinosaurs. Giant Class have also been palaeontologists, searching for dinosaurs in fossilized eggs. Please do come and look at the children’s’ artwork and writing which is up in our classroom.
In Maths we have been counting dinosaurs this week which Giant Class have loved! We keep trying to count to even bigger numbers. We have been helping ‘Harry’ to fill his buckets with the right number of dinosaurs!

In our letters and Sounds we have all been learning lots of different sounds and playing lots of reading games and using our sounds to write words.

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