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Fantastic Food! 02.10.14

This week we have started our Fantastic Food topic, we have had a very exciting week filled with lots of different experiences.

On Monday we visited the church to practise for our Harvest Festival. On Tuesday we had our Harvest Festival where Miss Cook and Mrs Herbert are were very proud of Giant Class. They sat so beautifully for a very long time and their performance was their best yet! They were all so confident, they sang and did their actions very well. Thank you so much to everyone who came, it was a lovely service.
On Wednesday we had a wonderful visit to Pizza Express; the children got dressed in their aprons and hats and made their own pizzas. They were all courteous and listened very carefully to the lady who taught us. A big thank you to Gabriel and Alex’ mums who joined us for this trip - they had to carry a lot of pizzas back to their car! We hope you all enjoyed eating them for tea on Wednesday! The children seem very excited about their topic now and we have created our very own Pizza Express in our classroom which they love.
In Phonics this week we have been busy learning lots more sounds and have started reading some words by blending our sounds together. Giant Class are being very conscientious!

In maths this week we have had lots of fun learning how to count by counting out food and tomorrow we will be having a pizza-themed Maths lesson!

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