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End of term party! 16.10.20

Today we have been celebrating Fred's birthday. We have been in the party spirit from the get go, listening to birthday music and following the balloons on our walk into school! When we got to the classroom, Fred was already wearing his birthday badge and party hat ready to take part in the celebrations! After singing 'Happy Birthday' and hearing about Fred's birthday breakfast we let him have a little nap. (He was so excited about his birthday that he didn't sleep very well last night!) 
We decided to surprise Fred and make some birthday cupcakes to share with him! We looked carefully at the recipe, checking we had the right ingredients and equipment. We worked together to check the measurements, using the scales to weigh out each ingredient. Miss Stephens did the egg cracking and the mixing! We then worked in groups, spooning the cake batter into our own cupcake case ready to bake in the oven. The cakes smelt so tasty while they were baking, we couldn't wait to try them! 
After play time we had a special birthday party for Fred! We sat together, making sure Fred had a special place in the middle of the table. We sang 'Happy Birthday' again and let him blow out his candles. Then we each got to sample our own cakes! Everyone really seemed to enjoy them! What a special treat! Afterwards we played a game of musical chairs. Fred really loved joining in with the dancing! 

It has been a super day of celebrations and a lovely way to end our first term at school. Fred is looking forward to opening his birthday presents when he gets home this evening! He says thank you to everyone for making his 4th birthday so much fun!


Happy half term!

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