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More Space adventures 02.12.13

We have continued our adventures in Space this week with some more story writing and rocket building. Many of our rockets are now nearly ready for take-off and next week we will be evaluating our design and construction experiences to consider what has been successful and what we might like to change and improve.
At the beginning of the week, we finished writing our stories about 'Bob ('The Man on the Moon') and the Aliens'. The children then enjoyed sharing these with a Learning Partner, who helped to peer assess the learning using the Success Steps. We use pink to highlight the successes and green to identify areas for growth and improvement. The children are becoming much more confident with this now. During the remainder of our sessions, we planned a sequel story about 'Bob's Journey' and the children proved themselves to be very confident and conscientious writers.
Bob has also featured in our Maths learning on Length. He was keen to improve the effectiveness of his lunar take-off and landing strips but he was not sure what quantity of the different surfaces he might need. The children have been helping him to calculate possible lengths and amounts.

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