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Sealife Centre - 26.04.13

We had a very exciting start to the week with our trip to the Sealife Centre in Weymouth. We had such a wonderful day filled with lots of learning and awe and wonder which was just what we wanted!
We saw a variety of different creatures which live under the sea including seahorses, turtles, fish, sharks, penguins, seals and sting rays! Some children chose to touch or hold some creatures in the rock pools including crabs, sea anemones and sea urchins. We also went on the land train to see what the sea looks like and what we could see on top of the sea. We then went up to the new tower which gave us amazing views over the sea and on the land. It was a busy day!

We have now thought of some questions we would like to answer during our topic and have created a Sealife Centre role play area in our classroom - please feel free to visit! 

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