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Minibeasts! 7.6.19

Caterpillars! 7.6.19



Welcome back! We hope you all had a restful half term break. This term our topic is ‘Mad about mini beasts!’. The children have been excited to start learning about different mini beasts and have already been hunting for different bugs in our outdoor area! We have been thinking about all the different bugs we already know and the animals we would like to find out more about.


We were all very excited on Thursday to receive a special delivery from the postman! It was a small box, with ‘FRAGILE’ written on the top. When we opened it, we found a little pot with 5 teeny tiny caterpillars inside! We have been learning about the lifecycle of a caterpillar and what will happen as they start to grow and change. We are looking forward to watching our caterpillars grow bigger, develop into their cocoons and then turn into butterflies! We are going to be keeping our own ‘caterpillar diaries’ to record the changes we see.


Our Ducklings have been very busy gardening this week! With Mrs Tite’s help, they have been digging and planting some herbs and flowers in our outdoor area. They used trowels and forks to help dig and prepare the soil, adding compost and planting the herbs. They have been helping to water our new plants every day so they can grow big and strong! We are going to be painting pebbles next week to decorate our new garden. Well done to our Ducklings, the garden looks fantastic!


Today we had lots of fun exploring and hunting for different mini beasts in the peace garden. We looked inside the bug hotel, finding lots of woodlice, beetles and even spotting a few ladybirds and honeybees! We were excited about identifying the different mini beasts we found. We were finding lots of good hiding places, looking under the logs and pebbles and inside the flowerbeds.


We are looking forward to learning more about the different mini beasts we might find in the garden next week!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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