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Being Creative! 03.04.13

We have had a very creative Friday morning! 

We started the day listening to The Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens. Miss. Cook didn't tell the children what it was called so that the children could use their imaginations to think of what it could be about. We had lots of suggestions including; princesses dancing, frogs jumping, Peter Pan, Harry Potter and someone who has dropped something special. 

The children painted or drew (with oil pastels) a picture of what they 'saw' when the music was playing. Giant Class were very conscientious when creating their pictures and they look beautiful! 

After the children had painted their pictures, I told them what the composer had written it about and we danced to the music in our PE session this morning. Giant Class pretended to be sharks, sting rays, jelly fish and much much more! 

A wonderful morning!

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