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Cerne Abbas in 1919 Week 18.09.19

Cerne Abbas in 1919 Week
We have had a fun week learning all about the auction of houses in Cerne Abbas 100 years ago in 1919. In English we have made adverts for our own houses and on Wednesday we had an auction of our own to sell our houses! We had a wonderful time at the auction! The children were very confident reading their writing to the whole class. On Tuesday afternoon we had a special visit from Mrs Popkin who came in to share some photos of the houses 100 years ago and to tell us more about the auction. She came into school dressed up in a dress and hat which would have been worn by someone living in Cerne Abbas at the time. A big thank you to Mrs Popkin!
We are excited to be going on our school trip to the farm next Tuesday! 

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