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Pizzas, Planting, Dancing and Much Much More! 09.10.14

This week we have been really enjoying our Fantastic Food topic. We have been spending lots of time in our ‘Pizza Express’ restaurant, creating our favourite foods in the creative area and have been making stick puppets of the characters from the story of The Little Red Hen. We have been learning how to retell the story of The Little Red Hen with our puppets, which has been very popular.
In phonics this week we have learnt the following sounds: g,o,c ,k. Giant Class have been very confident and have been trying very hard to learn their sounds and have began reading and writing some words.

In Maths this week we have been learning some more numbers and have been having lots of fun learning to count! We have been visiting Miss Cook’s shop and counting food items, counting out beans for the farmers to plant and making rolls for the Little Red Hen out of play dough!

Last Friday we started some new learning which was ‘Write Dance’. This is a scheme to help develop children’s fine and gross motor skills to support them in their physical skill of writing. This is achieved through setting a scene with a story, listening to a song which is linked to the story, then dancing to the music before ‘scrimbling’ (word used by the scheme to mark-make) with a mark–making material to use their fine and gross motor skills for writing. Last Friday we read a story about being at the seaside, we sang and danced and then made a picture using the movements we had learnt. We will be doing ‘Write Dance’ every Friday for this term.
Instead of a Welly Walk this week, we got on our wellies and did some gardening! We have planted some daffodil bulbs and some grass seed and are excited to see them grow.

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