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Forest School 13.03.14

We have all had such a wonderful day at forest school. We were there for most of the day and had so much fun! We started the day with a dinosaur hunt, then we counted the dinosaurs and the children wrote the number on some slate with natural chalk. We then had a talk about how to be safe at forest school, enjoyed listening to a story and had a drink and a snack before starting our main activities. Half of us made our own trace fossils with clay and Plaster of Paris, the other half made fossils by printing their footprints (wellies attached to large dinosaur feet!) on large pieces of paper. We then swapped over. We played the game ‘What’s the Time Mr Dinosaur?’ and then before we knew it, it was lunch time!
After lunch we all had a chance to use some loppers to cut our wood to make a large dinosaur all together. We made it from the wood we had cut and other natural things we found in the forest. We went searching for pieces of wood for our fire before lighting it and then eating ‘Chocolate Dinosaur Dollops’ cooked on our fire!
It really was a very special learning day filled with all our learning values – all the children were confident and tried lots of new things; they were all co-operative learning together in collaborative tasks; they were all excited and motivated to learn and cared for each other and kept each other safe throughout the day. Miss Cook was very proud of them today!

A huge THANK YOU to Maddie and Julia who helped us to learn SO much today – we can’t wait to come back again!

Miss Cook

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