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Forest School Learning Capture - Julia Donaldson Topic 06.11.15

Forest School Learning Capture - Julia Donaldson Topic!


We had a wonderful day on Friday at Forest School with Maddie! It was the first experience of Forest School for many of the children in Giant Class and they loved every minute of it! It was the most wet day we have had in a long time, however that did not put Giant Class off, they were all dressed up head-to-toe in waterproofs and got involved in all the activities with confidence and enthusiasm.


The children learnt how to be safe in the forest by learning about the boundaries they needed to stay within, the dangers of natural things such as tripping over tree roots and being safe around the fire circle.


We started the day listening to the story of 'The Gruffalo' and after that we went to find lots of natural things to make our own Gruffalos with clay. We found lots of different materials including sticks and leaves which we used to make our own clay Gruffalo puppets. All of the children's puppets were unique and they shared their puppets with each other and described the materials used and why they used them.


The children spent the afternoon around the fire circle, learning how to light a fire using Maddie's tools and watching as Maddie cooked a treat of popcorn for us on the fire!


Well done Giant Class for being so confident in this new environment and for trying things they would not normally do. Also well done for not letting the rainy weather ruin our day!


It was a fabulous, fun-filled day and we thank Maddie for providing all this learning for us!

Miss Cook


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