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Book Week! 01.03.17

Book Week!

We have been having lots of fun learning this week in Giant Class! Every morning the Giants have been going to different classrooms in their colour teams and reading in partners to other children from different classes. This has been lovely to watch and listen to their discussions. You may have noticed some different writing in the children's Reading Record books as the children that have heard them read have been writing in them. The children have really enjoyed it!


On Monday we learnt about information books in Giant Class and sorted some dinosaur storybooks and information books to learn the differences. I then told Giant Class that we would be writing our own information books this week  which they were very pleased about. They did some research and found out about their favourite dinosaurs and then have been busy writing their books for most of the week! They have really enjoyed it! They really love learning about dinosaurs and have been very confident writers - I've had to give out lots of stickers! The children will get to show their books to children from different classes, including their siblings on Friday morning. This was another really big incentive for writing them. Most of them have now finished and once their books were stapled it was lovely as they were so excited and wanted to read them in the book corner! What an enthusiastic bunch of learners I have!


Yesterday morning we had a phonics lesson where we did a reading hunt for words and sentences around the classroom, Giant Class showed me how confident and conscientious they are when reading! Well done Giants! Yesterday afternoon we had the amazing author Ella Burfoot in to read some of her stories to us and to talk about her books. She also taught us how to create our own characters and then got us to have a go! Giant Class made some great monsters!


Today, we have had something new...'Super Staff Story Time!' All of our fantastic staff members chose a different book to read, the children could choose from this list of books (without knowing who the adult reading it would be!) and then got told after play where they were going and who was reading the story they chose. This was a great fun and everyone got to have a different experience of a different member of staff. I loved having a mixture of the whole school in Giant Class and it showed that a picture book that I read to many children in Reception up to 5 years ago was still enjoyed by the Year 4s today! Books really are a special thing that we all can enjoy whatever our age! Today we have also been on a 'Character Hunt' around the school to find different characters from some brilliant books.  


Tomorrow we are looking forward to dressing up as our favourite book characters! I will make sure I put some photos up of this tomorrow!

Mrs Cain


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