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Minibeast Fun 14.06.15

Minibeast Fun

Giant Class absolutely LOVE this topic! On Tuesday we were very lucky and got to go to Forest School for our topic capture. Giant Class had a wonderful day learning new information about lots of different creatures, making homes for various bugs and creating creatures from things you might find in the forest. Thank you Maddie and Julia for a wonderful capture!

In Maths learning this week Giant Class have been very confident caterpillars and have been enjoying doubling. They especially enjoyed doubling ladybirds spots!

In Literacy this week we have had lots of fun learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by creating a story map and re-telling the story using our story map and the actions we have created for it. Next week we will be writing our stories!

In Choosing Time, Giant Class have been busy bug hunting, painting beautiful paintings of their favourite bugs and even building bugs from Lego! We have had a super busy week!

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