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Budding Photographers! 22.03.13

Amazing Authors


This week we have been authors, writing books about different creatures and animals. We have based our stories on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have written: The Very Hungry Monkey Sophie, The Very Hungry Princess Mabelle, The Very Hungry Snail, The Very Hungry Scorpion, The Very Hungry Lion, The Very Hungry Dragonfly, The Very Hungry Cat and The Very Hungry Centipede.

Budding Photographers

This week in Giant Class we have been learning how to use the class cameras. We have been learning co-operatively by teaching each other how to use them. The photos below are all taken by the children. There was quite a variety of pictures taken! 


This week we have been writing 'Wows' for our friends.  Lots of Giant Class have been writing Wows for their friends when they see them being one of our 7Cs. We now have a 'Wow Wall' for these Wows in our classroom.

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