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From Under the Sea to Up in the Sky! 16.01.14

From Under the Sea to Up in the Sky!

Giant Class had an amazing start to their week; they visited the Sealife Centre in Weymouth. We all had a wonderful time learning all about the creatures which live under the sea. We were very lucky and had lots of attention from the staff as we were virtually the only ones there! We got to watch the sharks, turtles and sting rays being fed. We also got to see the penguins being fed and have their ‘playtime’. Some of us were very confident and touched starfish, anemones and crabs!  Giant Class were completely mesmerised by all the creatures and asked some fantastic questions! We all thoroughly enjoyed the shop too!!!
After lunch we went to go up the Sealife Tower. It was very high up and it was very exciting going up so high in the sky! We loved seeing the sea underneath us!  Giant Class were such courteous caterpillars all day – well done Giant Class. Miss Cook felt very proud!

We are all excited about our new topic now. There has been some great learning this week!

Miss Cook

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