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Brazil 19.06.14

This week has been very busy for the Year 2 children who have been working on their Key Stage 1 SATs tests. They have been extremely conscientious and have worked really hard to do their best. I am very proud that they have shown such positive learning dispositions. Meanwhile, the Year 1 children have been working with Mrs Edwards on some Maths problem-solving activities about Shape. They have also used the new lap-tops to research information about rain forest creatures to link with our learning about Brazil. They have now begun to make some information booklets to add to our learning displays.
In the afternoons, we have had some creative 'down time' where we have explored art patterns and designs from around the world. We began by exploring the skin patterns of African animals, which we then replicated in a pattern montage. After that, we moved on to India, where we learnt about the festival of Diwali and created Rangoli patterns. The children are building up a portfolio of their artwork which they will share at our Learning Exposure towards the end of term.

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