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Rumble in the Jungle! 10.5.19

Rumble in the Jungle! 10.5.19


This week we have been reading another of Giles Andreae’s books, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. We have been learning about different jungle animals and creating out own models, paintings and writing about our favourite jungle creatures.


Our Giant children have been looking at the poems in the book. We have been continuing to look carefully for descriptive words and words that rhyme. We have enjoyed learning lots of new words like ‘ravenous’ and ‘gangly’! We worked on big posters writing together about different jungle animals. We were thinking of our own sentences, trying hard to follow the top tips for writing a perfect sentence, especially remembering finger spaces!

Our Giant children have been using their hands to find doubles- 2 fingers on one hand, 2 fingers on the other hand, double it… 4! Etc. See if they can remember or work out any doubles in their head/using their fingers this weekend. They have also been practising finding a half with their fingers. We are going to be working hard to help the Giant children remember these doubling facts over the upcoming weeks.


Our Ducklings have also been enjoying reading the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. They have been busy creating their own animal paintings and model creations. Lots of their learning is hanging up in the classroom- come and have a look next time you are dropping off! Our Ducklings have been continuing to learn new songs and rhymes, this week learning some new jungle songs! Fred the frog has been teaching us the first few letter sounds, ‘mmm’ Maisie mountain mountain, ‘a-a-a-a’ apple, ‘ssssss’ snake and ‘d-d-d-d’ dinosaur! We have also been enjoying our different blending games with Fred!


We are very much looking forward to our class trip to Weymouth Sea Life Center on Monday (13th May). Further information is included in the newsletter. Giant children who receive meals at school will be provided with a packed lunch, please bring water bottles, as drinks are not included in the lunch. Ducklings please bring your lunchbox/water bottles as usual. The children will need to wear their usual uniform and bring a coat. We will be travelling by minibus, with some parent helpers travelling by car. We will be leaving shortly after arriving at school in the morning and will be back in time to be collected at usual time from the playground at 3.15pm.


Enjoy your weekend! See you all for our trip on Monday!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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