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Man on the Moon! 17.1.20

Man on the Moon! 17.1.20


This week we have been reading the Simon Bartram story “Man on the Moon”. We have been reading about Bob and his special job keeping the moon tidy and entertaining visitors. 


As a class we made a topic web; writing down all the things we already know about space, the moon, the planets and the stars. It was very impressive! The Giants and Ducklings had so much knowledge and already knew lots of facts about the astronauts and the moon! We also thought about all the questions we have and what we want to find out about space. We will be using our topic web during our topic to help build on our knowledge and answer our questions! 


On Wednesday we had a message left for us from Bob! It said the alien's had been to our school and left some messages for us in an alien language! To read the messages we would have to scan the code with our school tablet, each message sent us to another clue! We armed ourselves with the tablet and headed out on our space mission! The first clue sent us to the playground…it took a little while to find the QR code picture…it was hidden on the shed window! We scanned the next clue…it send us up to the pond! The next clue sent us to Mrs Schafer's office…she hadn’t seen the aliens!! We followed the last clue, finally finding some of Bob's treasures hidden inside the mud kitchen!! Pesky aliens!! They left a message with Bob's basket (filled with his newspaper and chocolate toffees) asking us to keep them safe for Bob until later. We decided to find somewhere safe in our classroom!


We decided to write some letters back to Bob and to the aliens!! We asked if he would mind sharing his chocolate toffees with us...we have been keeping them safe for him all this time!! We waited until home time on Friday…Bob left us a little note saying ‘Thank you for looking after them so well. You all deserve a chocolate toffee treat as a thank you!”. Thanks Bob!


Next week we will be reading another space themed story…this time about a bear!


Have a restful weekend! See you for more space fun next week!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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