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Learning Captures 16.01.14

This week we have begun to focus on our new topic learning about 'Super Structures'. In Science we went on a 'Material Hunt' to discover which types of materials are used to construct different objects. We then considered the properties of these materials, and why they are suited to particular purposes.
We have begun our DT learning with a Forest School Capture where the children had the opportunity to construct a basic den using logs, ropes and tarpaulins. This involved them learning new skills and required them to co-operate closely with their group.They then considered the success of their shelters and treated themselves to hot chocoalte and marshmallows! A big 'thank you' to Maddy and Mrs Quinn for laying on this exciting experience. It certainly enthused and motivated the children and was an excellent starting point for our future investigations about shelters.
Alongside this, in the classroom. the children learnt more about different types of structures and they then took up the 'Lego Challenge' . It was their mission to design and make a Lego shelter for two Lego figures which would support a 1kg weight, a deluge of 200ml of water and a blast of strong wind (from a hair dryer). They rose to the challenge well, but discovered that designing and constructing buildings takes a lot of time and consideration.
Next week we will continue to develop our understanding and skills when we start to test the properties of different materials and evaluate their effectiveness. We will also start to design a fairytale castle to link in with our Geography learning about 'Castles around Britain' and our Literacy learning about Traditional Tales.

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