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The Three Little Pigs 21.04.16

The Three Little Pigs 21.04.16


This week our focus fairy tale has been The Three Little Pigs. Giant Class have loved joining in with this story, especially when the Big Bad Wolf blows the houses down! We have made a ‘Story Map’ of the story to be able to learn this story off by heart and re-tell. This has been very tricky but Giant Class have been conscientious caterpillars! We now have a Three Little Pigs construction site role play area outside for the Giants to build the houses of the three pigs, thank you to Hemi’s Mummy for giving us some straw to be able to do this.


We have received a letter this week from Mummy Pig who is missing her Three Little Pigs and has asked Giant Class to paint her little pigs for her so that she can enjoy looking at them on the wall of her house!


In Computing we have been learning how to use some new APPs which link to the Three Little Pigs and other fairy tales we like! We also have a Beebot area for the Beebots to visit the houses of the Three Little Pigs. Mrs Barrett has drawn us some beautiful pictures to go on our Beebot mat, thank you Mrs Barrett!


In Phonics at the moment we are practising reading and writing longer words and sentences, including words with more than one syllable, eg. Moonlight, lunchbox, starlight, treetop. Perhaps Giant Class can show you how to write some of these words at home?


In Maths this week we have had lots of fun estimating! Giant Class especially enjoyed learning about estimating from the ‘Number Jacks.’ Giant Class have been helping the Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf to estimate how many bricks they have for building their houses. I wonder what Giant Class could help you estimate at home? Perhaps how many pieces of fruit there are in the fruit bowl? Or how many carrots are in the bag of carrots? How many biscuits are in the biscuit tin?


In Literacy this week we have been learning how to improve our writing by practising our ‘Growing Greens’ and have written letters to The Three Little Pigs from The Big Bad Wolf saying sorry for what he did as we had a visit from The Big Bad Wolf and we told him what he did was not our values and that he should really say sorry! As well as learning how to re-tell the story!


Another very busy week!

Miss Cook

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