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Trip to Nether Cerne Farm! 4.10.19

Trip to Nether Cerne Farm! 4.10.19


On Monday we went on our first trip as a class to the Gallia farm in Nether Cerne. We went on the minibus! We enjoyed looking out of the windows and spotting familiar houses and signs. When we got there Mr Gallia was waiting for us. We went into the barn and dropped off our lunch and drinks. Mr Gallia introduced himself and talked a little about the farm. Then he gave us all a tasty chocolate biscuit! As we were munching we had a think about what ingredients you need to make biscuits and where these ingredients come from. We talked about flour, butter, milk and eggs. The children were confident explaining where eggs and milk come from. They were also able to describe how flour is made, talking about grinding down the grains, super thinking everyone! Mr Gallia was very impressed! He then showed us bundles of wheat and barley. He rubbed the ears together in his hand separating the grains and the chaff. He also showed us some of the other grains harvested on the farm. The oil seed rape were very dark. 

We then went on an explore of the farm. Mr Gallia showed us the different tractors and combine harvester and explained all their jobs on the farm. He asked about what we do when we are planting seeds in our garden. He described their farm as a very, very big garden! He must prepare the soil, plant the seeds, cover the ground again and then harvest his crops when they are ready! He showed us all the machines that help to speed up and plant/look after the crops. We even got to sit inside the tractors! It was lots of fun!

We then saw inside the grain store. We got to play and slide on the barley! We had lots of fun playing. All the grains ended up filling up our welly boots!

We had our packed lunches in the barn and ran around in the fields until the minibus came to bring us back to school. It was a fun filled morning! The children really enjoyed learning more about the farm. They listened carefully to Mr Gallia and asked lots of super questions! Well done, Giant and Duckling class! What a super trip!

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