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French Week 19.07.13

This week we have had a very special visit from Hannah's Mum who taught us lots about Paris. She also taught us two songs and shared some french stories with the children. A big thank you to Mrs. Reisenberger! 
We have made a french cafe in Giant Class this week which we have all enjoyed playing in. The french breakfast cafe was a wonderful success. Thank you to all parents who were able to join us. 

We have been re-creating Monet's wonderful painting 'The Water Lily Pond'. The children were fascinated by this painting and were very keen to create their own. The results were incredible!
The paintings were amazing, well done Giants!
Miss. Cook told the children the real story of Philippe Petit the tight rope artist. They were all interested and curious about this unique skill. 
On another note...
I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children and parents in Giant Class. Giant Class have been great learners, thank you parents for all the learning at home! You have all made this year a fantastic first year for me and I will miss you all! 

Have a wonderful summer!
Miss. Cook

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