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Listening Walk! 13.9.19

Listening Walk! 13.9.19


It’s the end of our first full week at school! We have been very busy exploring our classroom and playing with all our new friends. We have been using new top tips for good sitting and lining up to help us remember our super smart sitting and careful lining up! We have also agreed our new Class Charter, acknowledging it’s everyone’s right to feel safe and happy at school. With that right comes the responsibility to; be kind to our friends, to share/take turns, to listen to each other, to help each other, to look after the toys and tidy up carefully. We have been thinking carefully about how we can follow our Class Charter during our learning this week. 


This week we have been busy making our own listening ears. We carefully cut around the outline of the ears, trying hard to follow the lines. We then attached them to headbands. 

Tuesday afternoon we went out on a listening walk around the school and in the village! Before we left we thought about what good listening looks like; deciding that we would need to be extra quiet and stand still to help us listen carefully. We started off in the playground, practising our good listening. We could hear lots of tweeting birds, tapping noises coming from a garden close by and the voices of people as they walked past the school. We then went out into the village. The gate to the field made a very squeaky sound!! We then stood really still by the hedges and heard lots of birds tweeting and singing. The birds were rustling the bushes and kept flying off and coming back again! As we walked along the river we could hear a chainsaw in the distance. We thought about sounds that are further away, realising that they are often quieter and sometimes harder to hear. The close by sounds are easier to hear and often louder; like the birds tweeting! As we walked we could hear an aeroplane passing by above us!! We spread out our arms to fly like aeroplanes- it was lots of fun! The aeroplane was quite noisy!

As we followed the path we started to hear a rumbling and crashing was the water in the river and the waterfall! As we got closer the noise became louder and louder!! We thought of some super words to describe the sound of the water; we thought it was 'crashing', 'splashing', 'sploshing', 'rumbling', 'thundering' and 'banging'. As we walked further down the river the water became calmer. We said it was 'quieter', 'pattering' and 'bubbling'. Super describing words! As we walked back towards school we heard different sounds of crunching feet on the gravel, car engines rumbling and footsteps stomping. Super listening ears, Giants and Ducklings!


Next week we will be celebrating 100 years of the village of Cerne Abbas! We will be thinking about what life was like in our school all that time ago! 


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend! See you Monday!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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