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Trip to Dorchester Library 15.11.21

Well what an adventure!! Today we travelled by public bus from Cerne Abbas into Dorchester to visit Dorchester library for a story and rhyme time session. We had a fantastic time at the library and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park. Unfortunately due to a road closure, we couldn't return to school on the public bus as planned so we enjoyed an extra long play in Borough Gardens while we waited for parents to come to the rescue! Thank you so much to all the parents for your help rescuing the children (and teachers!) this afternoon. We are so grateful for all your support and understanding and were amazed that within an hour and a half of making our first calls everyone was already safely making their way home. We are so sorry about all the inconvenience and really do appreciate your support. Parents to the rescue!! 


Before the extra long play in the Borough Gardens play park...we had enjoyed a lovely morning at Dorchester library! The children were very excited about travelling by bus and really enjoyed the experience of this journey. Despite all the excitement, the children were very well behaved, sitting quietly and being courteous to those around them (even when we had to squish up a bit to fit more people on the bus!). We enjoyed a short walk from South Station to the library, walking sensibly with a partner and waiting for the 'green man' at the pedestrian crossings. At the library we met library assistants Mary Howell and Mary See who led us on a tour around the library and read us a story about a library cat in the children's section. We enjoyed exploring the library and finding pictures books to look at and read together. On our tour we learnt about what the different parts of the library are used for and even got a sneaky peak inside the staff rooms! We then enjoyed singing some nursery rhymes together, using instruments to play along and joining in with the actions. We sang some traditional rhymes that we knew very well like 'Baa, baa, black sheep' and 'Hey Diddle Diddle' but also some new rhymes including a funny one about a spider!! Maybe your Giant/Duckling could show you one of the rhymes we sang! We then had a lovely picnic lunch in the bandstand in Borough Gardens before an (extra long!) play in the park (which the children really seemed to enjoy!)


Thank you again to all the parents for all your help with getting us home today! It certainly was an adventure and a trip to remember!

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