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What a Week! 24.10.13

Apple Day!

We had a lovely afternoon on Monday celebrating Apple Day. We played some games which were 'Over and Under' where we stood in two lines and passed the apple over our heads and then under through our legs. We then stayed in our lines but sat on the floor and passed the apples down through the lines with our feet!!! This was very funny! We had lots of fun! We also printed with our apples and made beautiful pictures. Thank you to Lily's Mummy and Daddy for telling Miss Cook about Apple Day.  
A Furry Visitor!

This week Sam brought in a very unusual show and tell...his new kitten called Milky! We were all very excited to meet Milky and we learnt lots about kittens. Thank you Sam and Sam's Mummy and Daddy for bringing Milky in to meet us.
Funny Bones!

We had a very exciting visitor this morning, Ella's Daddy came in to school to talk to us about bones! He brought in a skeleton from work and we talked about the biggest and smallest bones in our bodies. We all got to have a look at some pretend bones, including a skull which we all enjoyed. We looked at some x-rays and had to guess which part of the body was in the x-ray. Giant Class really impressed Ella's daddy! He thinks he may be out of a job...! We ended the session by dancing to The Skeleton Song! A big 'Thank You' to Ella's Daddy.  

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