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Celtic baking 17.10.13

This week we have continued our exploration of Celtic food by following a recipe to make soda bread. All of the children took turns to prepare the dough, which was then cooked to perfection by our 'chef extraordinaire', Mrs Quinn. Many thanks again for her help.

Unfortunately, our efforts to make butter were not so successful. Despite using rich Jersey cow milk, and even with plenty of vigorous shaking from the children, we were not able to produce any butter ar all! If anyone can suggest why this might have happened, we would welcome any feedback.

Our Literacy learning has continued to focus on making our information texts about the Celts. We are making good progress with these and we are looking forward to sharing them with you at our Learning Exposure on Tuesday at 2.45pm.

Finally, a continued big 'thank you' to everyone for your fantastic support with our Family Learning Projects. An amazing variety, of stunning quality!

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