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This week we have been investigating the mischievous evil pea who has been up to all sorts of antics in the classroom!! Broccoli has been drawn all over, carrot has been covered in plasters and cucumber has been wrapped up in toilet roll!! Some other vegetables have been trapped inside a shopping basket! 


We realised that the evil pea must have escaped from the freezer again and is back at his usual tricks! So far this week we have been keeping our eyes peeled, watching out for any signs of the sneaky pea hiding in our classroom or playground, but so far to no avail! We have been drawing and painting pictures as well as writing letters to Supertato who we think will need to help us rescue the veggies and save the day!! This afternoon we stuck our posters and letters up in the windows of our classroom, hoping that Supertato will see it and come to our rescue!! Fingers crossed he comes by soon!

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