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Pirate Dinosaurs! 24.5.19

Pirate Dinosaurs! 24.5.19


This week Giant and Duckling class has enjoyed reading Giles Andreae’s adventure stories with Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs! We have been reading about all of Flinn’s adventures as a pirate captain, rescuing his friends and defeating the ferocious pirate tyrannosaurus rex! We have had lots of fun retelling the different stories, practising our pirate voices and telling our own imaginative stories with the pirate ship and small world toys.


Giant class had a fun-filled PE morning, attending the Dorchester Schools Multi Skills Festival at Damers School on Monday. They had lots of fun completing the different activities. They were very confident and willing to try everything, Mr Treble was very pleased!


We have been spotting some exciting changes to our tadpoles! In the last week they have been growing front and back legs and changing into little froglets! The froglets have been resting near the surface of the water, sitting on the logs in the sun. We have been able to see the changes in their bodies and faces. Now their tails are shrinking and they are ready to go back to the pond. We have really enjoyed watching the changes from frogspawn back in January, to tadpoles and now froglets! We waved our goodbyes and watch the froglets hop back into the pond this afternoon. We’re sure they will find lots of tasty insects for their dinner tonight!


Thank you to all the parents who attended our pirate-themed learning exposure on Thursday afternoon! We hope you enjoyed your treasure hunt and pirate picnic!


After the holiday ‘Show & Tell’ will be a little different in Giant and Duckling class. The children now have a ‘Diary’ inside their book bags/to bring home. During the week/over the weekend I would like the children to think about their ‘news’ and what they would like to share with their class. They can record this themselves or an adult can scribe (a sentence or two so we can prompt the children to talk about their weekend experience). On their ‘Show & Tell’ day, the child will share their diary page with the class and talk about what they have been doing at home. This is to replace the toys that are coming in to school. If your child has a special object from the weekend this is still welcome. More information will be found in the newsletter.


It’s been a whirlwind of a half term with lots of exciting learning! We wish you all a restful (and sunny) half term! Please share any pictures on Tapestry and add to your new diaries to share with the class when we return.


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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