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Village Adventures 5.6.14

We have started our final half-term with a mini project about 'Light and Dark' before beginning our main Carnival topic next week. As a stimulus for this learning, we have been sharing the adventures of Plop the Barn Owl in 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' . This led us on to writing a Sense poem about 'Night time' and the children have composed some beautifully descriptive pieces of writing. In addition, we have also created night- time scene silhouette pictures and written descriptions for them.
Another exciting activity this week was our exploration of Cerne village and a rare chance to visit the Squibb Garden behind St. Mary's Church. The children ventured out with Mrs Popkin, on what was a rather damp day, to look for objects that she had phtographed around the village. They then recorded them on a map and created a key. The children then returned to school for the afternoon to create their own themed 'garden on a plate'.
Next week we are looking forward to finding out more about' Carnival' with some exciting Learning Captures lined up.

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